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Multilingual QR Digital Menu

Customers can scan the QR code with their phone to access the digital menu in their preferred language. Add/remove products, modify price, place your bestsellers & offers at the top of the menu.

Product Variants / Addons

Add variant & addon value (eg. size, volume, weight) for the product. Set price for each variant/addon. The system would calculate the defined price for each variant/addon selected by the customer.

Scan & Order

Customers can browse the digital menu, order items, and pick it up from the destination on their convenient time slot. Discover our convenient order scheduling to know when we're open for takeout.

Multilingual POS

Set your POS dashboard in your preferred language. Ensure all your orders are captured by our cloud POS with a single view of transactions and customer interactions. Manage orders from all channels (Mobile & Online Orders).

Multi-language KDS

Automatic DOT (KDS) application system ensures the orders are directly accepted in the POS. Instantly generate KDS in the allocated services. The KDS and the auto bills can be printed in your preferred language.

Payment Integration

Take payments on your terms. Zuyyu integrates your payment gateway in a safe and secure mode which accepts credit, debit cards and all online payments. This guarantees the safety and protection of you and your customers at all times.


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Our Pricing

Unleash the potential of a cloud-based, AI-powered multilingual POS solution tailored for takeout businesses.

$29 USD/month

$299 USD/year

  • 7 Days Free Trial
  • Display Unlimited Products
  • Multilingual QR Digital Menu
  • Product Variants
  • Product Addons
  • Multilingual POS
  • Multi-language KDS
  • Payment Integration

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